Gas Detection System

Gas Detection System

Fixed gas monitors are fixed at locations where toxic or combustible gases or flame may become a hazard to personnel and property. In potentially hazardous locations, gas monitors and transmitters are a vital aid in helping to keep people and investments safe from harm. Tyco supplies high-quality fixed gas detection units from Scott Safety, suitable for a wide range of applications. Our range includes:

These receivers provide a central location for monitoring and typically include relay contacts to increase ventilation air flow or provide warnings to personnel.

Typically include a gas sensor, local gas concentration indication and provide output to a receiver PLC or DCS monitoring system.


Protégé Multi-Gas Monitor

A robust, durable and simple to use portable gas monitor, ideal for industrial workers in hazardous environments. It features automatic calibration and simple PC configuration.

QRAE II Multi-gas Detector

An advanced, simple to use and reliable device for H2S, CO, O2 and combustibles. It includes easy-to-change battery packs and a water-resistant case.

MultiRAE Plus One-to-Five Gas Monitor

This versatile one-to-five monitor with Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) detection combines a Photoionisation Detector (PID) with the standard four gases of a confined space monitor.

AreaConnect 500 Application

A key component of the AreaRAE Wireless Platform, it can be rapidly deployed for detection and monitoring of hazardous environments.

MiniRAE 3000 Portable Handheld VOC Monitor

One of the most advanced handheld Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) monitors on the market.

AutoRAE Lite Bump and Calibration Station

A high-speed and low-operation-cost bump test and calibration station with data storage in Excel format and extremely low cost of ownership.