Fire Protection

Fire Protection

We offer a complete range of Fire Protection and Safety solutions to meet the requirements of any market sector, above and below ground, and at sea. We tailor solutions to your environment – from basic stand-alone conventional fire detection systems through to complex, integrated Fire Protection and Alarm systems. These solutions can incorporate Fire Alarm, Evacuation Systems, Emergency Communication and Fire Suppression; while our industry and regional knowledge helps you stay in compliance with codes and regulations.


Full Fire Protection Range

Integrated Fire Protection Range to safeguard your people, assets and the environment. We can design, install and service our complete range of Fire Protection solutions from Detection to Suppression to Evacuation Systems

Seamless Design

Our solutions can be tailored to seamlessly fit the design and architecture of any building. We can easily coordinate with a building’s MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) design requirements to deliver customized project proposals that meet sustainability and the specific interior and external architectural requirements.

Compliance and Global Certifications

All of our solutions are in full compliance with national regulations and come equipped with Global Certifications. Our product development and manufacturing procedures are regularly audited and inspected by independent test houses from around the world. This allows us to offer you unrivalled resilience and reliability.



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