Dry Chemical, Foam & Gaseous Extinguishing Agents

Dry Chemical, Foam & Gaseous Extinguishing Agents

Dry chemical suppression systems, designed and manufactured by Tyco Integrated Fire & Security, are composed of dry powder tanks, nitrogen cylinders, select valve, actuator and dry powder guns, connecting hoses and other components.

Chemical gases are stored as a liquid and extinguish fires by removing heat. Chemical solutions are generally compact in size and therefore easily stored in the environment they are protecting.

Experts in gaseous agent fire extinguishing and fire suppression systems
We offer a comprehensive range of gaseous agent fire extinguishing systems suitable for all kinds of hazards and situations in commercial and industrial applications. Both natural and chemical gas extinguishing agents are ideally suited to the protection of property and personal protection. Gaseous extinguishing agents are used where water has potential to cause damage to facilities.


Dry Chemical
Effective and efficient
Insulation resistance
Simplex configuration & easy installation
No damage to facilities and buildings
No changes in ambient temperature during fire suppression
Long shelf life & low cost
Suitable for various types of fire
Foam Systems
Low Expansion Foam
Medium Expansion Foam
High Expansion Foam
Gaseous Extinguishing Agents
SAPPHIRE™ Fire Suppression System
  Uses a unique extinguishing chemical to powerfully fight fire without causing damage to equipment, data and, more importantly, people.
Inergen® Gaseous System
  A perfect fire suppression system for enclosed areas. It quickly suppresses fire without further damaging sensitive equipment and does not require time consuming clean-up of the extinguishing agent afterwards.
FM-200 Gaseous Systems
  Uses a regulated greenhouse gas, works in seconds and is readily suited to the protection of high value assets. This gaseous system is ideal for total flood applications in chemical storage rooms, clean rooms, labs and emergency power facilities
Carbon Dioxide System
  This clean, plentiful and low cost gaseous agent can be stored in high pressure cylinder or low pressure tanks. This effective fire extinguisher is ideal for local applications in industrial situations.