Vehicle Suppression Systems

Vehicle Suppression Systems

Help protect your people and business from vehicle fires
When you combine heat, flammable liquids, turbo chargers, exhaust fumes, electrical components and brakes in the enclosed space of an engine compartment, the potential risk of a fast and furious fire is high. A vehicle accident or even a simple incident such as a burst hydraulic hose or faulty fittings in an engine compartment can have devastating consequences. Wormald offers a comprehensive range of Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems to help defend against the threat of vehicle fire.


Foam Water Spray Vehicle Fire Suppression System

The pre-engineered system is designed to suppress fires in the engine and transmission compartments, brakes and hydraulic areas of vehicles with the use of a homogeneous foam water solution spray.

Dry Chemical system

A pre-engineered dry chemical system for protecting industrial equipment in areas such as mining, waste handling, forestry and construction.

Dual Agent system

This pre-engineered system integrates the LVS ( Liquid Vehicle System) dry chemical with a wet chemical system to provide further fire suppression capacity.

LVS( Liquid Agent Vehicle) Fire Suppression System

The ANSUL LVS) fire suppression system is a versatile stand-alone liquid agent system that can be used to protect vehicles in various industries including mining, forestry, construction and transportation.