Carbon Dioxide CO2

Carbon Dioxide CO2

Carbon Dioxide is the original "clean" agent that is traditionally used for marine applications to suppresses fires in unmanned areas. Tyco Marine Services offer can provide High Pressure cylinder systems in both Skid mounted and rack mounted formats and Low Pressure systems for the protection of engine rooms, pump rooms, machinery spaces and cargo holds.

Carbon dioxide is an effective fire extinguishing agent that can be used on many types of fires. It is effective for surface fires, such as flammable liquids and most solid combustible materials. It expands at a ratio of 450 to 1 by volume. For fire suppression purposes, the discharge is designed to raise the carbon dioxide concentration in the hazard. This displaces the air containing oxygen, which supports combustion, and results in fire extinguishment.


There are two types of Carbon Dioxide available, depending on the fire risk involved:

Carbon Dioxide High Pressure
  High Pressure Carbon Dioxide systems utilize steel cylinders that store carbon dioxide under normal vapor pressure at 50 bar (700psi). The systems are designed in accordance with current IMO SOLAS and Lloyds Register of Shipping Approvals. The number of cylinders required to protect a potential fire risk is determined by the volume of the protected area and the necessary C02 concentration level required to extinguish the fire.

High Pressure Carbon Dioxide cylinders are located inside a “Tamper Proof” locker or enclosure in an approved position local / adjacent to the protected space. An isolating valve located within the cabinet, would be provided to route C02 from the supply source to the protected space. The valve would be capable of manual operation only.

C02 discharge would be from nozzles of the "Total Flooding" type, with a single orifice accurately drilled to give a controlled discharge in accordance with the system design parameters. The nozzles would be designed and located to provide a uniform, C02 concentration within the protected space.

Our C02 design criteria are on the basis that the volumes to be protected are reasonably tight enclosures, with no apertures, which may be left open at the time of C02 discharge.

In the C02 Bottle Store, in normal circumstances, there is sufficient natural venting (e.g. around doors and other openings) to avoid over-pressurizing the space on C02 discharge. However, if particular circumstances are such that natural venting may be abnormally restricted, we recommend that consideration be given to the provision of suitable additional venting.
Carbon Dioxide CO2 Low Pressure
  The Tyco Marine Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System consists of a refrigerated pressurized storage vessel containing liquid carbon dioxide. The vessel contains valves to control the discharge of carbon dioxide into the protected spaces and manual control stations that initiate the discharge of carbon dioxide into the protected spaces. Pneumatic timers control the amount of time carbon dioxide discharges into the protected spaces whilst nozzles direct the agent discharge, and alarms and pressure switches warn personnel and shut down or turn on various equipment.

The pressure vessel is covered with four inches of insulation. The insulation is covered with a stainless steel outer jacket. The pressure vessel and refrigeration units are mounted on a wide flange skid unit. Inside the pressure vessel, steel baffles prevent sloshing of the liquid CO2 as the ship rolls and pitches. In the upper part of the pressure vessel, refrigerant evaporator coils serve to cool the stored liquid CO2 by maintaining a temperature of 0 °F (–17 °C) which results in 300 psi (2069 kPa) vapor pressure.


// High degree of effectiveness
// Excellent thermal stability
// Freedom from deterioration
// Electrically non-conductive
// No residue after discharge