Source Tagging

Source Tagging

Source Tagging is the process of embedding an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) label/tag into a product's primary packaging or into the product itself at the point of manufacture. This process leads to greater retail supply chain efficiencies, increased sales, lower shrink and higher profitability.


Reduces Shrink

// Improving shrinkage ensures the stock is available for customers to purchase, hence improving sales.

Minimize out-of-stock and improves re-ordering accuracy

// With more accurate inventory control, stock is on shelf for customers to purchase, increasing product profitability and buyer sales.

Stock arrives floor ready

// Quicker profitability as merchandise reaches the retail floor faster ready to be sold.

Reduces in-store labor costs

// Labour costs are reduced with eliminating the requirement to tag in store. Staff can focus on providing customer service and selling.

Increases focus on customer service

// Retail staff can focus on selling the benefits of the product range, rather than applying security labels, leading to increased sales and profits.

Improves merchandising opportunities

// Source Tag is placed consistently in the correct position maximizing garment presentation.


Consistent Label Placement

// Tagging standards compliance is increased leading to greater control over merchandise packaging

Multiple Label formats and application solutions

// Provide manufacturers with flexibility to tag a wide variety of merchandise

Secures Inventory in Facility

// Equip retailers with a robust logistics and security tool

Smallest EAS label

// Provide maximum anti-theft protection in a small label footprint


Sensormatic® – A World Leader in Source Tagging Solutions

From source to sale, there is no better way to protect your merchandise or your profits than with Sensormatic® Acousto-magnetic (AM) Source Tagging solution, which is effective in protecting the most challenging high theft categories such as batteries, razors, hardware, and other metal-based or metallic packaged items.

With over 50 billion consumer items source tagged in the last decade, more retailers are using Sensormatic® to help reduce theft and labor challenges, while improving the customer shopping experience and increasing profitability. It is trusted by retailers around the world such as Walmart, KMart, Home Depot and Lowes.


// 100% genuine Sensormatic label
// Reliable Label Placement Test and Certificate offered by Tyco Source Tagging Certification Lab
// Compliance with global environmental standards
// Compliance with all source tagging requirements of global retailers
// Extensive product portfolio and label checking accessories
// Global ecosystem of business partners and Value Added Resellers that design and manufacture customised tagging options for unique product protection needs.

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